Sports Economics

How Efficient Are Watch With Heart Monitor Wrist?

If you are a runner and also enjoy having the latest advances in technology, perhaps, like me, you already purchased the Garmin Forerunner 225 (FR225), the first watch of the Garmin family incorporating a cardiac optical sensor to monitor your heartbeats or heart rate without the need for a chest band. The Garmin Forerunner 225 […]

Sports Training in Babies

The desire of parents to give their children certain advantages over others and awaken the spirit of [...]

Economic Impact of Major League Baseball in Dominican Republic

By Noris Constant Ventura Economist, Balance of Payments Statistics Division Central Bank of the Do [...]

Interview to David Epstein

We interview David Epstain, sport journalist for Sport Illustrated Magazine and author of the New Yo [...]

Economic impact of the disqualification of the big teams in Dominican winter league baseball

Since the implementation of Round Robin (RR) in 1986, the Dominican winter league baseball had not s [...]

The problem of monopolies: lessons from Major League Baseball

(Published by Diario Libre, november 27, 2014) Until 1976, team owners of Major League Baseball (her [...]

Investment lessons from professional athletes

(Article published at Diario Libre Journal, on october 9, 2014) On September 16, 2014 we published i [...]

Do the Professional Athletes Face Financial Problems?

(Article published by Diario Libre Journal, on september 16, 2014) The average professional athlete [...]

Is there discrimination in professional sports?

Although discrimination can be costly for agents who practice it, it was not until 72 years of being [...]

Is obesity a problem in Dominican Republic?

When we think about obesity we tend to believe this is a problem of developed countries such as the [...]

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