Recent Working Papers

  1. [submitted] Vásquez-Ruíz, Harold. 2014. “The Effect of Capital Flows on Housing Prices: A panel data estimation.” (download in English, Spanish)
  2. [submitted] Vásquez-Ruíz, Harold. 2014. “A New and Better Approach to Estimate the Incidence of the Corporate Income Tax.” (download in English, Spanish)


  1. Vásquez-Ruíz, Harold and Rafael Rivas. 2014. “Analysis of the Real Exchange Rate in Dominican Republic: A study based on the estimation methodologies of the IMF.” Monetaria, vol. XXXVI, no. 1, June 2014. Mexico, DF. (download in Spanish only)
  2. [forthcomming] Vásquez-Ruíz, Harold. 2014. “Ethics in Central Banking: The Role of Ethics Guiding Macroeconomic Policy Decisions.” Elizabeth Searing (Editor), In book chapter, Ethics in Economics. (download)
  3. Vásquez-Ruíz, Harold; Rivas, Rafael, and Raymer Díaz. 2013. “Do Politics Determines Policy? Evidence of the Political-Economic Business Cycle in Dominican Republic.” Ciencia y Sociedad, 38(2), pgs. 293-320. (download in English, Spanish)
  4. Vásquez-Ruíz, Harold. 2010. “Probability of Price Changes in Dominican Manufacturing Companies.” Nueva Literatura Económica Dominicana: premios de la Biblioteca “Juan Pablo Duarte.” October 2010, Central Bank of the Dominican Repulic. (download in Spanish only)
  5. Vásquez-Ruíz, Harold. 2010. “Short- and Long-Term Dynamics of the Exchange Rate in Dominican Republic,” Oeconomia, Tomo II, pp.17-19. Central Bank of the Dominican Republic. (download in Spanish only)
  6. Vásquez-Ruíz, Harold; Graefe, Laurel y Galina Alexeenko. 2008. “Building a Better World: Infrastructure’s Role in Economic Growth,” EconSouth, Second Quarter, Vol. 10(2). (download)
  7. Vásquez-Ruíz, Harold. 2004. “Monetary Transmission Mechanism: Estimation of the passthrough of exchange rate to prices”, Nueva literatura económica dominicana: premios de la Biblioteca “Juan Pablo Duarte” 2003. Pgs. 230-272. Octubre, Banco Central de la República Dominicana. (download in Spanish only)

Other Working Papers

  1. Vásquez-Ruíz, Harold. 2014. “Price Stickiness and the Hazard Rate for Price Changes: Evidence from Qualitative Survey.” (download)
  2. Vásquez-Ruíz, Harold and Gustavo Canavire-Bacarreza. 2013. “Labor Supply Effects of Conditional Transfers: Analizing the Dominican Republic’s Solidarity Program.” Research Grand from the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB). (download in English, Spanish)
  3. Vásquez-Ruíz, Harold; Díaz Raymer; Rivas, Rafael and Amarilis Aquino. 2012. “Impact of the DR-CAFTA Free Trade Agreement on the Dominican Government Finances.” (download in Spanish only)
  4. Vásquez-Ruíz, Harold and Rajeev Dhawan. 2012. “U.S. Employment Growth and Tech Investment: A New Link.” (download)
  5. Vásquez-Ruíz, Harold. 2008. “A Dynamic Multivariate Model for Use in Monetary Policy.” (download)
  6. Vásquez-Ruíz, Harold. 2003. “Income Smoothing in the Spanish Banking System.” (download in Spanish only)


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