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The night I was born, the city of Santo Domingo was immersed in the damage caused by Hurricane David. My father, who was nicknamed at school as Pythagoras, introduced me early on to literature and mathematics (along with the rest of my four brothers!), which taught me a life lesson about the importance of the education received at home. From the origins of my family, it was just natural that I professionally study within the field of engineering, but when I took my first economics course at high school I knew I would walk to another destination. After earning a degree in economics from the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), I got a scholarship to pursue a Masters in Finance from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain (2002). Upon completion of studies, I returned to Santo Domingo to work as an economist at the Monetary Programming and Economic Research Department of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (CBDR), while I taught courses in Introductory Economics, Macroeconomics and Public Finance in Department of Economics at INTEC, my alma mater. During that time, the Dominican Republic experienced the largest financial and currency crises in its history (2002-2004), which resulted in the signing of a “stand-by” agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This sad event gave me the opportunity to work for the team that negotiated the terms of the agreement and to follow the policies agreed with the IMF, where I learned how difficult is to make decisions in situations of extreme uncertainty and pressure.

With the desire to deepen my professional knowledge, in 2005 I decided to do a Masters in Economics from the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University GSU, and then joined the doctoral program (Ph.D. in Economics) in 2007. In Atlanta, I had the opportunity to conduct a two-year internship at the Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank (2006-2008), where, in addition to acquiring great experience, I could make amazing friends. Then I worked as a Research Economist at the Economic Forecasting Center from the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at GSU, under the supervision of Dr. Rajeev Dhawan (2008-2012). Upon completion of my doctoral studies, I returned to Santo Domingo where I rejoined to work at the CBDR as Deputy Director for Research of the International Department. In addition to my daily responsibilities, I continue working as a research professor at the School of Economics at INTEC, and I am Research Director at Fundación Empíca, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the training and advancement of knowledge in the areas of economics and finance. I have published research papers on economic issues in national and international journals such as Science and Society, EconSouth, Monetary and Oeconomia.

My passion for teaching economics, along with knowledge of Dominican fanaticism for the sport, led me to produce the radio show “Sports Economics” which airs weekly on ESPN Radio 104.5 FM. I have to admit I’ve never been good at sports, except for running marathons, in which I think plays a bigger role my perseverance that my athletic skills. I also use the written, printed and digital media, to educate and convey my ideas, collaborating on the blog of Fundación Empírica and the economy pages in daily newspaper Diario Libre.

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